Forest Cleaning and Weeding

We clean public and private land in rural and urban areas. According to the needs of each site, we perform activities of general cleaning and weeding, clearing of paths, borders and ditches, and pruning of trees and shrubs.

The cleaning of private plots of land, located in Portuguese rural forest areas, is mandatory for the safety of all, constituting a legal obligation regulated by the Portuguese law No. 124/2006 of June the 28 th - National System of Forest Defence against Fire – updated by the law No. 14/2019 of January the 21 st:

“Owners, lessees, usufructuaries or entities that, in any way, own lands next to buildings in rural areas, are obliged to proceed to the fuel management, according to the norms contained in the annex of this decree-law (…), in a strip with the following dimensions:a) Width with no less than 50 m, measured from the exterior masonry of the building, at all the times that this strip encompasses terrains occupied by forest, scrub or natural pasture;b) Width defined in the PMDFCI, with a minimum of 10 m and a maximum of 50 m, measured from the exterior masonry of the building, when the strip exclusively encompasses terrains occupied by other occupations. ” (Article 15, No. 2) *

* Disclaimer: Non-official translation, for general awareness purpose only. This information does not replace in any way the information obtained from the official entities and sources and has no use for legal purpose. AJ Manata Jardins disclaims any responsibility about its use.

To know more, you can consult the
website of IPMA - Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, available in English. You can also inquire your Municipal Council or call 808 200 520 (SOS Environment and Territory Line). The Decree-Law, with a summary in plain English, can be consulted here