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With more than 35 years of experience, AJ Manata Jardins merges the lessons of the past with the needs of the future.

We combine our long-lasting practical experience of constructing and maintaining gardens, with the growing technical knowledge of a multidisciplinary team, constantly updated in the landscape, forestry and environmental fields.

Our History begins in 1982, with António Jorge da Fonseca Manata, AJ Manata Jardins founder. It was his passion and commitment that led to the company we are today, formed by more than 30 workers with a common goal: to offer suitable quality solutions to each site and each client.

We operate mainly in Lisbon district, offering services to private clients, companies, associations, apartment complexes administrations, public entities and municipal enterprises, among others.


The AJ Manata Jardins team gathers professionals from various backgrounds, from Human Resources and Project Management, to Accounting, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Engineering and Gardening. It’s this multidisciplinary and integrated approach that allows us to match the needs for each site and each customer, at all stages of the process - diagnosis and consulting, planning, construction, maintenance and monitoring.

In order to ensure the constant and up-to-date quality of our services, and in compliance with the legal requirements of the Portuguese Labour Code, we continually invest in the internal and external training of our team. In this context we highlight the technical trainings attended by our gardening professionals in areas as diverse as forestry and agriculture, planning and execution of gardens, irrigation and drainage systems, maintenance and sustainability of green spaces, fertilization, processes and application methods of Plant Protection Products (PPP), tree climbing, pruning and felling operations and collection and treatment of forestry residues.

We also highlight the internal and external trainings and audits that we conduct periodically in our company, in the fields of Health, Safety and Quality.

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Environmental and Social Awareness

AJ Manata Jardins is an Environmentally Friendly Company - Certificate awarded by Ecolub / Sogilub Integrated Management of Lubricant Used Oils Company .
CECD Mira Sintra - Centro de Educação para o Cidadão com Deficiência
AJ Manata Jardins is a recognized company in the area of social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities, by CECD Mira Sintra – Education Center for Citizens with Disability, 2016.
AJ Manata Jardins takes part in the Incorpora Program, promoted by “la Caixa” Banking Foundation and the Employment and Vocational Training Institute - IEFP, for the integration of vulnerable social groups.
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
AJ Manata Jardins is an affiliated company for internships of Aldeia de Santa Isabel of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lisbon
IEFP - Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional
A J Manata Jardins promotes the professional integration and workplace skills acquisition, under the programs Estágios Profissionais, Estágios de Inserção and Contrato-Emprego of the Employment and Vocational Training Institute – IEFP.
Fundação da Juventude
AJ Manata Jardins promo tes the professional integration and acquisition of workplace skills under PEJENE – Internship Program for Young Higher Education Students in Companies, of Fundação da Juventude.

Quality Guarantee

We work each day to ensure the quality of the services we provide. Here we highlight AJ Manata Jardins main licenses, certifications and management systems.
Construction Company holding the Construction Permit No. 68792 – IMPIC.
Plant Production – Licensed company under Registration No. 3-1244 – DGAV.
Plant Protection Products (PPP) Application – Certified company under the Authorization No. 094-AT – DGAV.
Forestry Management – Registered company as Economic Operator No. 9485, to the compliance of the Portuguese Law No. 95/2011 of August the 8th, updated by the Law No. 123/2015 of July the 3rd.
AE Sintra
Good Practices of Health and Safety at Work – Certified by AE Sintra - Business Association of Sintra County, 2013.
Millennium BCP
Applause Company Millenium BCP Distinction granted by entrepreneurial vision, contribution to the economy and involvement with Millennium BCP”, since 2013.
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System (QMS) – Company with Quality Management System implemented, according to the Portuguese Norm adopted from European / International Norm - NP EN ISO 9001:2015.
Quality Guarantee: In its construction services AJ Manata Jardins offers 1-year guarantee regarding the planted and sown species and 2-years guarantee regarding irrigation systems. Learn more about our construction services here.