Other Services


Site Assessment and Technical Consulting

We diagnose and help you better understand the potentials and constraints of your outdoor space, presenting you with proposals towards greater efficiency of costs and resources during the planning, construction, maintenance and monitoring phases.

Outdoor Project

We design your garden, combining the technical-scientific knowledge and aesthetic sensitivity of our professionals with the practical knowledge of over 35 years of accumulated experience in constructing and maintaining green spaces.

Design and execution of customized structures

We conceptualize and construct all types of customized stone and wood structures, including waterfalls, fountains, wells, trellises, pergolas, walls, pavements, rock gardens, flower boxes and small buildings such as garden / storage houses, barbecue grill houses, roofings and canopies.

Implementation of Specific Technical Solutions

We design and execute specific technical solutions required for specific cases. Examples: soil erosion control; hydroseeding. Contact us with your request.

Specific Works with Trees – Planting, Felling, Pruning and Transplanting

We carry out specialized work of tree planting, felling, pruning and transplanting, using all the appropriate equipment.